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From the founder Olga Angel: My mother introduced me to the art and practice of Feng Shui many years ago, and once I adopted it in my own life I noticed a dramatic change in the flow of energy in my home. I believe that Feng Shui provides an excellent method of reducing clutter and opening up a space; combined with a positive attitude, Feng Shui tends to provide any space with a flow of energy that is conducive to increasing one’s happiness and quality of life. A core tenant of Feng Shui philosophy is the concept of harnessing the positive energy of your space, also known as Chi. This provides balance and harmony among the spaces we live in. All too often we focus on outside events or situations hoping to see a positive change, when in reality the most powerful changes begin from within us. Having a clean, tidy, and positive energy in your living space has been scientifically proven to enhance your productivity, as well as to improve both your mood and quality of thought. Our team of Feng Shui Specialists™ employ practices in our designs with a keen eye for detail. We understand the importance of positive energy in our living spaces, and aim to provide our clients with an outstanding level of quality in regards to our services.

What we specialize in:

  • At Angel’s Living Spaces we offer a full array of Feng Shui Services including Consultations, Transformations, a Maintenance Program, and Personal Décor Shopping.
  • We incorporate Feng Shui friendly accessories to instill positive energy and to create a space that flows well.

What sets us apart:

  • Feng Shui MississaugaAt Angel’s Living Spaces we often combine Feng Shui with Home Staging.
  • Feng Shui MississaugaWe incorporate Feng Shui friendly items into the Home Staging solution
  • Feng Shui MississaugaWe implement Feng Shui techniques to create a Feng Shui friendly environment.

Our Services

Feng Shui Consultations:

If you are selling your home

At Angel’s Living Spaces we perform Feng Shui consultations for clients who are looking to sell their home. This service can be combined with a Home Staging consultation.Various options will be presented as part of an action plan for any remedies required to make the home Feng Shui friendly. This can amplify the selling result of the home

If you are considering buying a new home

At Angel’s Living Spaces we perform Feng Shui consultation for clients who are thinking of purchasing a home.We will perform an assessment of any potential home our client is contemplating purchasing. This assessment will evaluate the current state of Feng Shui of the home. This includes which design aspects and natural characteristics contribute to good or poor Feng Shui, and what remedies would be required and or could be implemented, to enable it to become Feng Shui friendly.

If you would like to assess your current or new home

At Angel’s Living Spaces we perform Feng Shui consultations for clients who are looking to have their current or new home assessed.Various options will be presented with respect to implementing an action plan for what the homeowner should do to make their home Feng Shui friendly. We will educate the homeowners on Feng Shui and show them the benefits of living with positive energy.

Feng Shui Transformations

At Angel’s Living Spaces we will complete for the client, any or all of the recommendations suggested within the detailed Ultimate Feng Shui™ Report.We have available, an inventory of Feng Shui friendly items in many different styles, that we can provide to a client for any room in the home. We offer a versatile selection of beautiful accessories, available for inclusion in order to bring positive remedies to a client’s home.

Feng Shui Maintenance Programs

The Feng Shui Maintenance Program offered at Angel’s Living Spaces is comprised of regularly scheduled visits to a client’s home.The Certified Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™ will visit periodically to ensure the home is continuing on a Feng Shui friendly path.

Feng Shui Personal Décor Shopping

At Angel’s Living Spaces, we provide Personal Décor Shopping services for Feng Shui accessories when required. We can accompany the homeowner on shopping excursions, or provide an independent Personal Décor Shopping service.

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Other services include: Home Staging | Professional Organizing

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